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Student Stories

Yunginger Sara thumbnail

Meet Sara: Online Learner Thankful for HACC

“The professors have been great and the advisers have really helped guide me thus far.”

 Read about the support Sara receives as a HACC student.

Bailey Neveker thumbnail

Meet Bailey: HACC Athlete

“It gave me a great opportunity to find myself and discover what I really want to do for the rest of my life.”

 Read about one of HACC’s top athletes.

Diamond Brittany thumbnail

Meet Brittany: Aspiring Writer

“What I like most about HACC is how nice and helpful the students and faculty are.”

 Read about Brittany’s writing goals.

Holly Bickle slice

Meet Holly: Using her Degree to Help People Heal

I love being surrounded by people that want to make me the best person I can be.

Read about Holly’s mid-life trajectory change.

Starson Audateslice

Meet Starson: Business Administration Student from Haiti

“College life can be fun, stressful, overwhelming and also interesting.””

Read about Starson’s journey from Haiti to HACC.

Agim, Corrie thumbnail

Meet Corrie: Dreamer, Doer, Dean’s List Student

I had reached my thirties and still felt I wanted to further my education, so I took the chance at HACC. I'm so glad I did.

Read about Corrie’s love of learning.

Dennis Rivera thumbnail

Meet Dennis: Human Services Student in York

I came in to see what HACC was all about and to see if I can apply, next thing I know I was a student without realizing it.

See what Dennis LOVES about HACC.

Shrawder, Jeffrey thumbnail

Meet Jeffrey: First-Generation Police Science Student

Every time I walk out of class, there will be a party or some kind of awesome event going on, and it definitely brightens up the mood of being at college.

Read about the college experience from Jeffrey’s point of view.

Negron, Stephanie Otero thumbnail

Meet Stephanie: HACC Student Who Found Her Calling

One thing people should know about HACC is that it lets you find yourself.

Read how Stephanie plans to make a difference in the world.

Nolan, Andrew thumbnail

Meet Andrew: HVAC Expert in Training

From application all the way through to now being in classes, everyone has been so caring and courteous and intent on making sure the processes go as smoothly as possible.

Find out how HACC opens doors for Andrew.

Penner, Emily thumbnail

Meet Emily: Scholarship Recipient, Future Social Worker

“I chose my major because I grew up in an orphanage myself and it is a dream of mine to help families meet their needs.”

Read about how Emily plans to change lives.

tammy winand thumbnail

Meet Tammy: First-Generation College Student

“It will be such a thrill to receive my diploma as the first college graduate in my family!”

Read about how Tammy broke the mold.

Biranna thumbnail

Meet Brianna: HACC and Cornell University Graduate

“I was set on attending a liberal arts college and looked forward to the freshman experience and being away from home. However, HACC proved to be one of the best decisions I have ever made.”

Read why Brianna’s decision to attend HACC was the best choice she made.

alex-liffick thumbnail

Meet Alexander: Virtual Learning Student and Working Dad

“After working in the IT industry as a systems engineer for many years, it became apparent that having a degree was becoming more important to rise in the industry.”

Read how Alexander makes education fit in his schedule.

Brito, Alaric thumbnail

Meet Alaric: Veteran and Business Student

“I chose HACC because of the location and its placement for veterans.”

Read more about why Alaric chose HACC.

TaylorLewis - Homepage thumbnail

Meet Taylor: Dean's List Student Working a Full-Time Job

“HACC feels like a real college and is super affordable. It is not your typical idea of a community college.”

Read Taylor's plans for the future.

Thumbnail Alexandra Story

Meet Alexandra: Explorer of Medical Career

“Everyone is so nice and helpful. The schedule works for me and the teachers are great! ”

Read more about Alexandra and her plans.

Thumnail Abigail Story

Meet Abigail: Veteran and Successful Nursing Student

“The Veteran’s Affairs office has been incredibly helpful with figuring out how to use my benefits. And, the nursing advisors are great at making sure you know what your next steps are to stay on track.”

Read Abigail’s feelings about HACC’s VetSuccess Program.

Thumbnail Peter Story

Meet Peter: Online Learner from Egypt

“HACC has given me opportunities to learn about things I would never had access to before. The courses encourage independent and critical thinking, and I have been able to learn and grow as a person.”

Read how Peter is achieving his goal outside of the United States.


Meet Ben: High School Achiever Taking College Classes

“HACC has been wonderful to me. By the time I graduate high school, I will have 32 college credits completed - the equivalent of one year of college and at half the price of a four-year college!”

Read Ben’s plans for the future.