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Meet Tanishia: Single Mom Who Wanted More

“It [HACC] has given me the chance to do something that my children can be proud of.”

Tanishia Hitchcock, HACC criminal justice , knows that setbacks in life have a way of molding you into the person you’re meant to be. After graduating from high school, Tanishia became pregnant and had to put her dreams on hold to be a mom.

Today, she is a single mom to three children, two of whom are diagnosed with autism. She is working a full-time job, while completing her degree and struggling with anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Tanishia is also a survivor of domestic violence.

Instead of letting setbacks limit her, she said, “Each situation has pushed me to want more for myself and for my children.”

If HACC was not an option, she said she probably wouldn’t be able to attend college, as it allows her to earn her degree close to home at an affordable cost. 

“One thing I think people should know about HACC is that this College really cares about the success of their students,” she said. HACC offers many resources including, free 24-hour online tutoring, wellness services and childcare, to help students succeed. She added that HACC has made her life better by providing opportunities for her to accomplish her goals, while providing the chance to do something her children can be proud of.

After graduating from HACC, Tanishia plans to become a victim/wellness advocate and potentially earn her bachelor’s degree. She wants to “show others that no matter what happens, YOU have the final say in what happens in YOUR life!”

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Tanishia Anderson, HACC criminal justice student