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Meet Silja: Honors Scholar

“Shout out to my Honors Program professors – I love you!” 

Silja Hilton is a first-generation college student who came to HACC because she wanted to earn her degree. Not only is she pursuing her educational goals, but she is excelling in HACC’s Honors Program and working two jobs to support herself.

When a HACC faculty member encouraged Silja to consider joining the Honors Program, she was a bit nervous, but excited to take on the challenge. She said, “The HACC Honors Program equips you to be a thinker!” Silja loves that the program “challenges you to think…beyond regurgitation and just memorizing all this information and passing a test.”

It’s clear that Silja’s determination to excel is paying off. Silja has been selected for and will participate in the Community College Scholars Program at Bucknell University. For six weeks over the summer, Silja will live on Bucknell’s campus, take courses and get financial support that can help her earn a bachelor’s degree after graduating from HACC.  

Silja’s long-term goal is to earn a Ph.D. in English or the arts and become a professor. She sees herself teaching at HACC someday and giving back to the College that has given her so much.

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Hilton Siljia Portrait