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Meet Bachir: International Student from Niger

“I only knew a little English when I first arrived and now I'm getting ready to go on for my bachelor’s degree.”

College classes are challenging, but imagine what it’s like to take college-level classes in a language you barely know. Bachir Harou Oumarou knows what that feels like.

Bachir came to HACC from Niger on the advice of his brother-in-law, who also went to HACC and encouraged Bachir to apply.  

HACC’s English as a Second Language (ESL) instruction helped Bachir build his confidence. “Anne Kelliher, assistant professor of ESL, has really inspired me,” he said. “Anne really encouraged me and supported me while I was taking English as a Second Language classes. Anne always pushed me to do my best, which really helped to improve my English.”

In addition to acquiring new language skills, Bachir said, “I have also made a lot of friends during my time here. HACC has really provided me with a lot of good work experience. I have a job in the cafeteria that has really taught me a lot.”

Bachir is about to embark on another big challenge – pursuing a bachelor’s degree in biotechnology.

You can learn more about HACC’s ESL program at hacc.edu/ESL.  

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