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Meet Sydney: Sees Value in an Associate Degree

 Harrisburg, PA

“I love the community and how diverse it is…”

Date published: Jan. 11, 2021

Sydney, a general studies student, chose HACC because she did not think that a traditional college would suit her needs, and because tuition is “way cheaper than anywhere else.” Plus, Sydney noted that most of her earned credits can be transferred to another school if she chooses to continue her education after HACC. For now, Sydney plans to help out with her family’s business after graduating.

Although many people may not see the value of a community college education, Sydney understands the benefits of earning an associate degree and said that “everyone is different.” She added, “I appreciate how this is a quick, easy in and out…I don’t have to worry about student loans I have to pay after I graduate from school, either.”

Sydney pointed to a few examples of how HACC has made her life better. One is “having such nice people in the classes that I attend.” Another is having professors that support her in classes and make sure they do whatever they can so she can accomplish tasks and not fall behind.

Another example? “I love the community and how diverse it is,” she said.

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Sydney Burke