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Meet Amaris: Finishing Her Education on Her Own Terms

“I can’t imagine what my life would be like without HACC as an option, and frankly I don’t want to.”

Amaris Pollinger wanted to finish her education on her own terms. She said she likes to take a break and pause between lessons, something students can’t always do in a physical classroom. HACC provided “an amazing virtual program” for her field, and she “loved every second of it!” Amaris isn’t the only one – in a recent survey of Virtual Learning students, 87% said they would recommend HACC Virtual Learning classes to another student.

Amaris said HACC has given her “the chance to keep going, encouraged me forward and been a positive force allowing me to pursue my dream at my own pace.” She encourages others to join Phi Theta Kappa (PTK), the International Honor Society of the two-year college.

She thanked her professors for being supportive and positive. “I really felt like everyone I encountered or spoke with was there for me. It’s a very nice feeling,” she said.

Amaris said that her goal was to transfer to a four-year institution that would also cater to her needs. She said she was planning to attend Clarion University for the fall 2019 term

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