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Meet Katrina: Proud HACC Community Member

“HACC has the amazing ability to open doors you never knew existed.”

Katrina Smith, a student at HACC’s Lancaster Campus, chose HACC thanks to friends and family who encouraged her to further her education by taking advantage of the Paralegal Studies Program

She said the students and employees at HACC provide the hometown family feel and added, “Becoming a student at HACC makes you a proud community member by opening your eyes to the plethora of opportunities available to those pursuing higher education.” 

Throughout her time at HACC, Katrina has served as a part-time workforce development recruiter, providing her the opportunity to help those who are going through the similar struggles and hardships as she has in the past. 

The individuals who encouraged Katrina to further her education are also benefitting from her time at HACC. Katrina added, “I could write 1000 essays on how HACC has been beneficial not only to myself but my extended family. Providing a more positive future outlook for both myself and my children has changed our lives significantly.” 

She credits her advisor as being “The first person to open my eyes to my own potential when I began my journey at HACC’s Lancaster Campus.”

After graduating in May, Katrina plans to get a full-time job and possibly her bachelor’s degree.

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Katrina Smith, HACC paralegal studies student