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Meet Courtney: Getting a Degree for Herself, Her Future, Her Family

Date published: Jan. 17, 2023

 Camp Hill, PA

“I am back in school and I am able to pay for school without using a loan.” 

Courtney started at HACC to explore her multiple interests and figure out exactly what she wanted to do. After taking a variety of classes, she ultimately decided to pursue an associate degree in criminal justice. Courtney said, “I want to get into the criminal justice industry for me, for my future, and for my family.”

Courtney emphasized that “you are getting a good education for a community college. No one gives credit to community college. These professors know what they are talking about and have live[d] it. They are passionate and care about the wellbeing of their students.”

After unexpectedly becoming a single parent and putting school on hold for a decade, Courtney now draws inspiration from her daughter. “My daughter has seen me in school for many years,” she said. “She knows that I need my time with my school and she knows what my end goals are. She loves to see what I’m working on. My favorite is when she has homework and so do I and we get to work alongside each other.”

“I am now married to my college (HACC) sweetheart, my daughter just turned 8 and I am back in school. I am back in school and I am able to pay for school without using a loan. I don’t have to worry about paying those later. Something I never knew that could be!”

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