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Meet Brianna: HACC and Cornell University Graduate

I was set on attending a liberal arts college and looked forward to the freshman experience and being away from home. However, HACC proved to be one of the best decisions I have ever made.”

HACC wasn’t Brianna’s first choice, but she later changed her mind. She chose HACC because it was “the smartest financial decision that I could make for me and my family.”

“My parents were very clear with us about how much money they could contribute to our tuition (which was very little). I have always viewed higher education as an extremely important and beneficial aspect of my life. However, I was not willing to cripple my parents or myself with exorbitant financial burden in an effort to attain it. Due to HACC’s low cost and scholarships, I was able to complete my first two years of college and obtain a degree, debt free,” said Brianna.

She credits her professors for encouraging her to pursue her goals and go for that four-year college that she may have viewed as unattainable. She listened to her HACC professors, applied to schools and was accepted by her top choice, Cornell University. In fact, Cornell University accepted all of her HACC credits!

While at Cornell University, Brianna pursued a bachelor’s degree in communication. The recent graduate is a marketing manager at Wakeen Media Group, a full-service strategic marketing firm and strategic consultancy.

Brianna says she is thankful for the high-quality education she received as well as the clear path HACC provided for her to continue her education.

“Not many can say they started at a community college and ended up at an Ivy League school. But when you attend a college as great as HACC, the sky is the limit!”

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Brianna Campbell, HACC alumna