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Meet Corrie: Dreamer, Doer, Dean’s List Student

I had reached my thirties and still felt I wanted to further my education, so I took the chance at HACC. I'm so glad I did.

If you think you are “too old” to continue your education, just look to Corrie Agim for inspiration. She is excelling at HACC and checking off personal achievements like making the dean’s list.

Corrie is enrolled in the Human Services Program and takes classes at HACC’s York Campus. Corrie said she chose her field of study because “I love people. I love to assist people and my hope is to obtain the education to become a useful resource in the community.”

What does Corrie like most about HACC? She said, “I like that I truly am learning. The staff is awesome! There is no way to fail unless you don’t try or reach out for help, because it’s definitely available.”  

Corrie wants to give special thanks to Professors Rebecca Voss and Carolyn Thayer, Dr. Alfred Siha, Errol Wizda, staff in the Financial Aid Department and the Writing Center for “encouragement and push in shaping my confidence.”

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