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Meet Melissa: Extremely Strong Single Mother 

“HACC has given me a reason to keep going on my most difficult days.” 

“An extremely strong single mother of three children who refuse to give up, who continues to push forward as a full-time student and a student worker, as a productive member of society!”

That is how Melissa Addis, a business administration student at HACC’s Gettysburg Campus, proudly describes the person she is today. It has taken years for Melissa to become a strong and capable woman, and she credits HACC and inspirational faculty and staff with helping her stay focused throughout her journey.

Melissa is a recovering addict of six years. She became addicted at the age of 16 and was arrested for the first time at 18. Her addiction controlled her life, and she said that she spent many years in and out of jail “hurting the people who loved and supported me the most, my family.” Melissa did not give up and obtained her GED while in state prison.

She said, “Although I have still had many obstacles to overcome, HACC has helped me to stay focused and strong. HACC has given me a reason to keep going on my most difficult days.”

Melissa is powerfully motivated by her three children. She said that HACC has allowed her to afford school and gain an education to better provide for them.

“HACC has given me the peace and determination of wanting to move forward with my life, and I have never been so excited to do so,” she said.  

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