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Meet Valerie: Proud HACC Hawk

 Harrisburg, PA

“I say everyone considering college should give our school a try.”

Valerie Green, a HACC general studies student with dyslexia, said she was always known as the “girl who could not read,” leading to low confidence and the belief that she was “not that smart.”

Through her high school, Valerie took many trips to HACC and was always astounded by “how wonderful of a community college it is.” She wants everyone who is considering college to “give our school a try” because of the “warm, kind staff, and students… and everything is more personable.”

HACC’s online programs have allowed Valerie to work a full-time job while making school worthwhile. She said, “I am now able to take classes on my own time, study whatever time of the day, and work! I am so forever grateful to be a HACC Hawk.”

Relationships with her fellow students have helped Valerie gain more confidence. Since coming to HACC, she said, “I have been all around more positive, and excited about school… I feel excited where the future will lead me, and with the help of wonderful teachers and peers I know I will achieve my dreams!”

After graduating from HACC, Valerie plans to enroll in an occupational therapy program to work with children with special needs – this time, as their therapist.

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