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Meet Brandi: Never Quitting on Herself

Date published: Oct. 13, 2020


  York, PA

““The confidence I have developed after many years of not knowing what I wanted to do with my life is how HACC made my life better.”

“Life will happen, but stay focused with the mentality to wake up EVERY DAY AND NOT QUIT ON YOURSELF!”

Those words to live by came from Brandi, a mother and college student preparing to graduate from HACC’s Business Program. She wants future students to know that HACC employees “work diligently to make sure YOU are a priority.”

Brandi has learned through experience that “life will happen,” and not in the ways you might expect. She is a two-time cancer survivor who also cared for her mother during her own battles through cancer and triple bypass surgery. Brandi was once told she could not have children, but is now a mother of three.

These immense challenges have not stopped Brandi from pursuing her dreams. She said, “I attended HACC! I helped my family through tough health times, I raised three kids, purchased my first home, and have started a business as of a few weeks ago. I am stronger and more determined than ever to show my children they can do whatever they want if they put their mind to it.”

Brandi decided to put what she has learned at HACC to practical use by starting her own do-it-yourself YouTube channel. She said, “I want to create a business helping people to save on things by showing them they can do it themselves, whether it is a store decor item or home improvement project. The overall goal is to create enough revenue to rehab houses and show them in the videos.” You can follow Brandi’s business, Mom’s Guide 2 Home DIY, on YouTube.

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