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Meet Myles: Environmental Science Student

“My personal growth as a student has been something that I found to be a huge achievement.”

Myles Breisch admits that HACC was not his first choice, but looking back, said he would not change the decision.

He said, “Finding one thing that stuck out as being the most significant thing to me at HACC is difficult. Over time I could see myself grow as a student due to many things, such as the faculty and their willingness to help, a smaller class setting, and the ability to look for opportunities and ways to get involved within the campus. These are just some of the things that I felt gave me the confidence to develop into a better student and a more well-rounded person.”

Since Myles was young, he wanted to pursue zoology. Now, as an environmental science student at the Lancaster Campus, Myles is getting the experience he needs before moving on to a four-year university. His associate degree credits can transfer to any number of schools in biology-related fields.

“I feel everyone has some type of passion that they enjoy exploring deeper. For me, I always liked to learn about plants and animals. I am a big believer in pursuing something that interests you and could enjoy doing every day.”

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Myles Breisch, HACC environmental science student