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What is Student Access (formerly Disability) Services?

Student Access Services is committed to an equal educational opportunity and full inclusion for students requiring accommodations for disabilities, temporary or permanent.


What is the purpose of Student Access Services?

Student Access Services has multiple purposes.

  • Help students achieve educational objectives
  • Offer support services
  • Provide academic accommodations
  • Promote a supportive learning environment
  • Promote student independence, program accessibility and a psychologically-supportive environment


How can I receive Student Access Services?

Contact Student Access Services to submit documentation of your disability. Once the documentation is received, we will schedule an intake meeting with you. During this meeting, we will determine the appropriate accommodations for you. Your assessment report must:

  • Be completed by a qualified professional. These include medical doctors or licensed psychologists
  • Be completed within the last three years
  • Contain the evaluator's name, title and assessment date
  • Identify the disability, describe the limits it imposes and include recommended accommodations