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What is the Office of Inclusion and Diversity?

At HACC, Central Pennsylvania’s Community College, we value inclusion and diversity as integral to the educational success and continued professional growth of each of our approximately 19,000 students and 2,000 employees. The Office of Inclusion and Diversity oversees the College’s efforts to forge ahead in the development of a common goal to cultivate relationships that blur the lines of difference. Our increasingly diverse College is committed to ensuring an environment where each individual – and the groups that each identifies with – is treated with dignity, civility, respect and support.

Diversity encapsulates race, gender, orientation, identity, ability, age, socio-economic status, ethnicity, or any combination of these and more. HACC is a place where each person belongs and is affirmed as a valued member of the college community. Therefore, we will remain vigilant to infuse culture, a sense of community and a lifelong commitment to a pursuit of cultural competence in every aspect of the College.

Please explore these web pages, the offerings of YOUR favorite community college, and the cultural and intercultural engagement taking place. Here you will find information on myriad programs, services and resources related to inclusion and diversity at HACC. Links to several reference documents can be found below:


Who is the Office of Inclusion and Diversity and where can I find more information about services and events?

Wondering who to contact with questions? This document may help: Who in the Office of Inclusion and Diversity should I contact?

Two departments fall within the Office of Inclusion and Diversity: Student Access Services and Student Engagement.

  • Student Access Services serves students needing accommodations for permanent or temporary disabilities as well as pregnant and parenting students. Employees who need accommodations should contact the Office of Human Resources.
  • The Department of Student Engagement is designed to support and serve students throughout their HACC experience. Assisting students with in and out of the classroom experiences that promote and encourage inclusion and belonging serves as the overarching goal of this area. There are a number of units in Student Engagement and they include: 

HACC hosts numerous inclusion and diversity-related events, including presentations, panel discussions, performances and trainings. Please visit the College calendar for more information.