HACC Alumni Association

HACC's Distinguished Alumni Award

Learn how the HACC Alumni Association recognizes exceptional alumni.

What is the Distinguished Alumni Award?

The Distinguished Alumni Award is the highest honor an alumnus can receive from HACC. We welcome those chosen to receive this award into HACC's Circle of Distinction. The welcome ceremony occurs at a special celebration dinner.

This award salutes the achievements of outstanding alumni who:

  • Exemplify the HACC "spirit" with their personal lives, professional achievements and community service.
  • Serve as an inspiration to other alumni and current students.


When does the Alumni Association accept nominations?

The HACC Alumni Association seeks nominations for its Distinguished Alumni Award every two years. The nomination form for the 2021 awards is now open. If someone you know exemplifies the HACC "spirit" in their personal lives, professional achievements and community service, please complete a nomination form.


Who are the most recent HACC Distinguished Alumni Award winners?

Distinguished Alumni Award winners

From left to right: Thomas Rooney, Joshua McManness, La-Verna Fountain and Hagir Elsheikh

  • Timothy Albert
  • Daniel Ashby
  • Nathan Baxter
  • David Beard
  • Daniel Benny
  • Earl Bock
  • Lorraine Bock
  • Patty Bowen
  • John Bowman
  • James Brill
  • Amy Brixius
  • Ronald Buxton
  • Dorothy Byrne
  • Sherry Capello
  • Fredrick Clark
  • Susan Comp
  • Frank Conte
  • Jason Cross
  • James Curran
  • Marsha Davis
  • Timothy DeFoor
  • Carolyn DeLoe
  • Lakesha Dennis
  • Bruce Deveney
  • Kimberly Dodson
  • JoAnn Edwards
  • Donald Enders
  • Joan Erney
  • Eric Esch
  • Sheila Fleischer
  • Stephen Ford
  • Anthony Fritz
  • Timothy Gregg
  • Andrew Helmer
  • Jonathan Hetrick
  • Destini Hodges
  • Yvonne Hollins
  • Brian Hudson
  • Mary Jones
  • Sanford Krevsky
  • Gary Laabs
  • Roderick Lee
  • Barry Lutz
  • Ronald Marsico
  • Glenn Martin
  • Sherry McLatchy
  • Daniel Miller
  • Lisa Moreno
  • Karen Morris-Priester
  • James Nesbitt
  • Diane Nester
  • David Nikoloff
  • Sherry O’Brien
  • Christopher Painter
  • Sandra Pasic
  • Ronald Rebuck
  • Stephen Reed
  • Kendra Rivera
  • James Rohacek
  • Jeffrey Shaffer
  • Elaine Smedley
  • Betty Snyder
  • Joseph Tedesco
  • Daniel Thau
  • Ann Van Dyke
  • Kathy Verna
  • Michael Verotsky
  • Peter Wambach
  • Stacy Winkelspecht