HACC Alumni Association

FAQs about YOUR HACC Alumni Association

What is the HACC Alumni Association?
The HACC Alumni Association is a network of thousands of alumni across the globe who shape the future of HACC by engaging with students, fellow alumni, the College and the community. 

Why is the HACC Alumni Association important?
When alumni stay connected to HACC, both the alumnus and the College benefit! Alumni benefit from HACC through networking and volunteer opportunities, career services (for example, job searches or participating in a mentorship), social events, professional development and giving back to support students and/or programs. Alumni are also welcome to use HACC's services and facilities by purchasing an Alumni College Card for a $25 annual membership. For a list of benefits or to sign up, please visit hacc.edu/Alumni/Benefits. HACC benefits from alumni support of students, programs and special initiatives through alumni volunteerism, professional contributions and gifts to the HACC Foundation.

Who is a member of the HACC Alumni Association?

All alumni of HACC (from any of its five campuses or online learning) are automatically part of the Alumni Association.

Prior to March 14, 2023, HACC defined alumni as persons who have earned a certificate, diploma or degree from HACC and former students who have not graduated from HACC but who have earned 30 or more credits at HACC. The individuals who fit these criteria prior to March 14, 2023 will retain their status as HACC alumni.

As of March 14, 2023, HACC defines alumni as those who have earned credit certificates, diplomas or degrees from HACC and those who have completed financial-aid eligible programs.

How much does it cost to be a member of the HACC Alumni Association?
There is no charge to be a member of the HACC Alumni Association!

When does a HACC Alumni Association membership begin?
Membership begins upon graduation.

Where can I find more information?
For questions, comments or suggestions, please email AlumniAssociation@hacc.edu. To update your interests and information, please visit www.hacc.edu/Join.