Retired HACC employees are extremely valuable to the College and continue to add to our professional experience. To improve our communication, we have created this page just for you! Please visit this page for updates and information about special events at HACC.


What is a retiree?

A retiree is defined as a person who has retired from working at HACC.


What is emeriti?

“Emeriti” is defined as a retiree who retains an honorary title. The designation of emeriti status has some unique privileges.


Dr. Ski and Nancy Summers


Benefit from your HACC emeriti privileges

Emeritus status provides the following privileges:

  • Using emeriti ID card for discounts at the Rose Lehrman box office
  • Gaining admission to physical education buildings
  • Checking out library materials and retention of on-site use of library resources
  • Using the teaching enrichment and training centers and computer labs
  • Auditing classes with the faculty member's consent and on a space-available basis
  • Using campus parking lots
  • Gaining a HACC email address (complete the following form to receive personalized email address:
  • Participating in Commencement exercises
  • Attending major college events (for example, staff recognition dinner, honors convocation, Commencement and other college ceremonies)
  • Keeping in touch with your fellow emeriti! To request the email address of an emeriti, please send your request to When we receive your request, we will obtain permission from that emeritus to provide you with their email address.
Frederick Sanders

Frederick Sanders

Gregory Hill

Gregory Hill

Please notify the Office of Human Resources of address changes so that you may remain on mailing lists and receive information about special events and initiatives.

To register as a HACC emeritus, please email and proceed with the following steps:

  • Receive a letter from HR in the mail
  • Take the letter to the security office along with your driver's license and vehicle registration card
  • Get your photo taken and receive your emeriti ID card
  • Receive a parking pass in the mail within five business days


Staying connected!

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Louiszita Summers

Louiszita Summers

Nancy Summers

Nancy Summers

Trum Simmons

Trum Simmons