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HACC Publications

HACC Publications

HACC offers publications for students, employees, alumni, donors and the community. Get up-to-date information on HACC programs, classes, events and activities. Download the publications below.

HACC publishes:

  • Student and employee newsletters
  • Newsletters for each of our campuses
  • Donor e-newsletters
  • HACC Foundation annual reports
  • Student newspapers
  • Events and opportunities
  • A student newsletter. We publish it biweekly during the Spring and Fall semesters.
  • Ski Grams, which provide updates from HACC President John J. "SKI" Sygielski, Ed.D.    


General HACC information

  • HACC Connections 

    We publish HACC Connections several times a year. The magazine includes HACC-wide news and events, alumni information, HACC Foundation news and student and faculty success stories. We also include updates on each campus
HACC Connections Winter 2012
HACC Connections Spring 2012
HACC Connections Winter 2011
HACC Connections Summer 2011
HACC Connections Spring 2011
HACC Connections Winter 2010
HACC Connections Fall 2010
HACC Connections Summer 2010
HACC Connections Spring 2010
HACC Connections Fall 2009
HACC Connections Summer 2009
HACC Connections Spring 2009

  • Ski Gram 

    HACC President John J. "SKI" Sygielski, Ed.D. writes Ski Gram. Ski Gram features HACC news, programs, events and success stories.

Ski Gram


HACC alumni information

  • HACC Alumni Connect 

    HACC publishes Alumni Connect to keep HACC graduates informed.
HACC Alumni Connect October 2014 
HACC Alumni Connect August 2014 
HACC Alumni Connect July 2014
HACC Alumni Connect April 2014
HACC Alumni Connect February 2014
HACC Alumni Connect January 2014
HACC Alumni Connect November 2013
HACC Alumni Connect October 2013
HACC Alumni Connect May 2013
HACC Alumni Connect January 2013
HACC Alumni Connect December 2012
HACC Alumni Connect March 2012
HACC Alumni Connect February 2012
HACC Alumni Connect December 2011
HACC Alumni Connect November 2011
HACC Alumni Connect October 2011
HACC Alumni Connect September 2011
HACC Alumni Connect July 2011
HACC Alumni Connect June 2011
HACC Alumni Connect April 2011
HACC Alumni Connect February 2011
HACC Alumni Connect January 2011
HACC Alumni Connect December 2010
HACC Alumni Connect November 2010
HACC Alumni Connect October 2010
HACC Alumni Connect August 2010
HACC Alumni Connect July 2010
HACC Alumni Connect June 2010
HACC Alumni Connect May 2010
HACC Alumni Connect April 2010
HACC Alumni Connect March 2010
HACC Alumni Connect February 2010
HACC Alumni Connect January 2010
HACC Alumni Connect December 2009
HACC Alumni Connect November 2009
HACC Alumni Connect October 2009
HACC Alumni Connect September 2009
HACC Alumni Connect August 2009

HACC Foundation

  • HACC Foundation Annual Reports

    HACC Foundation Annual Reports contain details on donors, foundation awards, scholarships, new funds. They also include statements on the financial position of HACC for each fiscal year.

HACC Foundation 2012-13 Annual Report
HACC Foundation 2011-12 Annual Report 
HACC Foundation 2010-11 Annual Report
HACC Foundation 2009-10 Annual Report
HACC Foundation 2008-9 Annual Report

  • Donor e-newsletters 

    HACC Foundation donor e-newsletters provide information for HACC's donors. They provide information on monetary gifts, profiles of other donors and events.
Donor Letter October 2014
Donor Letter December 2011
Donor Letter September 2011
Donor Letter June 2011
Donor Letter March 2011
Donor Letter December 2010
Donor Letter September 2010
Donor Letter June 2010
Donor Letter May 2010
Donor Letter March 2010
Donor Letter January 2010
Donor Letter August 2009
Gettysburg campus

  • Campus newsletter 

    The HACC Gettysburg Campus Newsletter provides updates on what is happening on campus. This includes classes, events and special programs.

  • Creative Cannon - student newspaper 

    HACC Gettysburg students publish Creative Cannon. It provides insight into different topics, profiles on HACC faculty and staff and information on campus events and activities.

Harrisburg campus

  • The Buzz - campus newsletter 

    The Buzz is HACC Harrisburg's newsletter. It includes profiles on students and staff members, articles on sporting events and news on the Rose Lehrman Art Center.

  • Fourth Estate - student newspaper

    A student staff writes, edits and publishes the Fourth Estate monthly. It contains news, editorials, opinions and features.

Lancaster campus

  • Campus Courier - campus newsletter  

    The Campus Courier is HACC Lancaster's newsletter. It features news and updates geared for HACC's faculty and staff. This includes events and department updates.

  • Live Wire - student newspaper 

    Live Wire is an online student newspaper. It includes insightful articles on a variety of topics. It also includes student profiles.

Lebanon campus

  • Campus newsletter 

    The HACC Lebanon Campus newsletter provides information for faculty and staff. It includes news and events at the Lebanon Campus.

York campus