About HACC

Institutional Effectiveness

“The effectiveness of an institution rests upon the contribution that each of the institution’s programs and services makes toward achieving the goals of the institution as a whole.” (Middle States Commission on Higher Education, 2006)

With a goal of building a culture of assessment, HACC commits to align institutional practices and planning to evidence-informed decision making. HACC’s Institutional Effectiveness Plan gives testimony to the importance of establishing goals for institutional practices and defining the systems and processes that result in meaningful assessments.

Understanding that assessment is the means by which we determine whether or not we are meeting our goals, HACC convened an Institutional Effectiveness Task Force to determine prioritized action items required to support healthy assessment practices. A state-of-the-art assessment management system (TK20) has been purchased and will be implemented during the coming year. It serves as a repository, tracking and reporting tool. Until the assessment management system is fully deployed, HACC’s Assessment Showcase will spotlight the important work being done collegewide to study institutional effectiveness.

What is assessment?

  • Assessment is the process by which we study and improve our own effectiveness. We ask questions about how well we’re doing at meeting our own goals. We take actions to improve based upon what we learn.
  • Its purpose is to support intentional, ongoing, and evidence-based improvement.