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Programs & Courses

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Programs & Courses

HACC offers a variety of associate degree transfer and career degree programs. Certificate and diploma programs are also available.


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What do the numbers mean after the course title?

  Our course titles include numbers separated by colons. These numbers indicate:

  • credits you are awarded for completing the course
  • lecture hours per week
  • laboratory hours per week

How do I know if there are any co-requisites or pre-requisites?

The course description states co-requisites or pre-requisites, if applicable. If none are listed, HACC does not require pre-requisites for that particular course.


Is the course offered at HACC'S Harrisburg Campus?

HACC will usually offer the course at least once each year at the Harrisburg Campus, unless the description uses a restrictive phrase. Lancaster, Lebanon, Gettysburg and other sites may not.

Do courses require placement testing?

Certain classes may require placement testing before registration. Learn more about placement testing.