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 Job Shadowing
Give HACC students a firsthand look at careers they are interested in by allowing them to shadow you at your workplace. A student spends either a half day or full day observing and talking with you and other professionals at your job site.

 Career Services Events
Participate in professional development events for students and alumni that are sponsored by HACC's Career Services Center. Volunteer opportunities could include mock interviewing, career symposiums, career information fairs and mentoring students about career paths.

 Alumni Committee
Serve on an alumni committee created for a certain purpose, such as planning an event, raising funds for students scholarships or conducting a community service project.

 Alumni Council
Serve as a member of Alumni Council, the governing body of the HACC Alumni Association, which requires attending bimonthly meetings and participating in Alumni Association events. Council members serve three-year terms.

 Alumni Ambassador Network
Assist the College in student recruitment, marketing and promotional activities. These activities could include high school visits, career fairs or community festivals/fairs.

Mentor students and help them gain real-life work experience as an employee in a field that they plan to pursue. Internships can be paid or unpaid and are usually no more than 20 hours per week for 15 weeks. You can also keep in contact with faculty and Career Services staff to discuss the student's progress.

 College Advisory Boards
Lend an alumni perspective to one of the many boards providing guidance and feedback to College programs and campuses.

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