Procurement & Contracts Department

HACC, Central Pennsylvania’s Community College, has moved away from paper based bid management in favor of electronic procurement via the PennBid Program. All documents are available to you online at no cost, plus you can submit and update your proposals right from your office. Effective February 1, 2016, HACC will no longer be posting public bids and proposals on this website. All public bids and proposals will be posted on: www.ebidexchange.com/pennbid  Please visit the PennBid website for all future HACC bids/proposals and results.

Procurement & Contracts Department

Learn about HACC's Procurement & Contracts Department.

What does the Procurement & Contracts Department do?

HACC's Procurement & Contracts Department works with user departments to:

  • Prepare delivery schedules.
  • Write quality and quantity specifications for items and services. These items and services will be purchased.

The Procurement & Contracts Department is responsible for:

  • Providing user departments with current information. Information includes new products and services, alternative materials and costs.
  • Encouraging competition among vendors. We achieve this through negotiation, competitive bidding and contract buying.
  • Ensuring purchase orders and contracts contain all necessary conditions. These conditions can include guarantees, warranties, governmental regulations, shipping instructions, credit terms and discounts.
  • Developing records to determine supplies, services and equipment requirements.
  • Maintaining adequate records and files of requisitions, purchase orders, vendors, catalogs, product information and prices.

Who can I contact for more information?

Procurement Services & Contracts

Oral communication with any other College employee, unit, department, or organization concerning any RFP is not binding on the College and shall in no way modify the RFP, or the obligation of the College or the Vendor, and may deem the Proposal void.