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Honors Credit Classes

Spring 2017 Honors Classes

To register for an honors course, a student does not have to be in the Honors program. All honors courses are open to all students who satisfy course prerequisites.

• ENGL 101H - Honors English Composition I
  CRN: 37615          TR 8.00-9.15AM             
BLOCKER 138B Instructor: Iva Balic
Harrisburg Campus
ENGL 102H – Honors English Composition II  
  CRN: 34934          TR 8.00-9.15AM             
ARTS 209 Instructor: Julie Keenan
Harrisburg Campus
ENGL 207H - Honors Intro to Literature          
  CRN: 37613          TR 9.30-10.45AM                    
WHITKR 204 Instructor: Geri Gutwein
Harrisburg Campus
• GEOL 101H - Honors Physical Geology (blended)
  CRN: 37285          R 2:00-4:40PM
HALTECH 121 Instructor: James Baxter
Harrisburg Campus
• SOCI 201H - Honors Intro to Sociology  
  CRN: 35354          TR 11.00AM-12.15PM

Instructor: David Liu
Harrisburg Campus