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Honors Program

Honors Program

Stretch your intellectual and creative abilities through HACC's Honors program. You will move beyond traditional learning and take part in an engaging, innovative curriculum. You will also have the opportunity to be mentored by faculty. Learn more about the program.


What is the Honor program?

HACC's Honors program:

  • Provides curricular and co-curricular opportunities.
  • Encourages you to gain knowledge, skills, experience, and critical thinking and leadership skills.
  • Offers more in-depth, intellectual pursuits in core honors general-education subjects.
  • Allows you to choose a secondary focus in a field or discipline. HACC offers nearly 200 areas of study, including programs in mathematics and science, communications and social sciences, business and marketing, technology and trades, and allied health.
  • Will help you develop independent, creative and critical-thinking skills.
  • Provides a pathway to degree completion.

What you'll gain

  • Class size limited to no more than 15 students Dynamic learning environment for highly motivated students
  • Discussion-oriented, seminar-style instruction 
  • Exceptional faculty committed to student success 
  • Experiential learning activities 
  • Scholarship opportunities 
  • Transfer opportunities 
  • Dedicated honors advisor 
  • Honors Program designation on the official transcript


Who can I contact for more information? 

David Liu, Honors Co-Director                                 

Iva Balic, Honors Co-Director  


Testimonials from Honors students

Matthew Manotti: "The Honors Program is specifically designed for students who enjoy their job: being a student. If you love to learn for learning's sake, you belong here."

Christine Mackey: "The classes have been by far the most rewarding I have taken. They are taught in such a different style that not only does it make you think, but it also engages you and captures your attention. You don't have to be super-smart either, just have an open mind and an eagerness to learn."