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How Do I Get Started in a Health Career?

How Do I Get Started in a Health Career?

Learn how to get started in a health career at HACC.


How many programs does HACC offer?

View a list of programs offered. It includes essential qualifications, admission criteria, required courses, career information and videos.


Which programs does my local campus offer?

Download What program clinicals are offered at my local campus? (rev 9/14, pdf).


How can I get accepted into the program?

  • Health career professional programs at HACC are selective-admission programs.
  • Being in a pre- or non-clinical major does not guarantee progression and acceptance into the clinical program.
  • View admission criteria.
  • Download the admitted students profile (pdf).
  • All health career students are initially enrolled at HACC as pre-clinical students (e.g. Pre-Nursing, Pre-Rad Tech, Pre-Respiratory, etc.).
  • You must apply for the clinical phase after completing minimum admission criteria. Consult with your advisor.


How do I apply to HACC's heath career program?

Learn more about HACC's admission process and apply to HACC.