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Health Careers Programs Offered

Health Careers Programs

HACC offers over 30 health career programs. Learn about our programs, requirements and enrollment information.  



What programs does the department offer? 

Download a Summary of our Programs (pdf, rev 11/14). The list includes campus location for clinicals and availability of part-time and evening options. 


How many credits does HACC require for the credit health career programs?

  • Diploma (minimum 16 credits)
  • Certificate (minimum 30 credits)
  • Associate (minimum 61 credits)


How do I enroll in the credit health career programs?

To enroll in HACC's credit health career programs, you must submit three documents:

  • Application to HACC
  • High school transcripts
  • Placement testing scores


How do I enroll in the non-credit health career programs?

You do not need to apply to HACC to enroll in non-credit health career programs. HACC may require you to take placement testing.


Review our list of health career programs at HACC: