Paying For School

Can I Get Financial Aid?

Can I Get Financial Aid?

Fill out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to determine your financial aid eligibility. Learn more about FASFA.

What is FASFA?

FASFA is the application for state and federal financial aid. This includes grants, scholarships and government loans. This is the application you need to fill out to qualify for financial aid.

How do I fill out a FASFA?

Make sure you or your parents file your federal tax returns. If you have not, file them electronically. Then wait ten days to file your FASFA.

File your FAFSA online. Use HACC's campus code, 003273.

Llene su FAFSA en Español.

When do I need to submit my FASFA?

For Fall and Spring Terms, HACC recommends you file your FAFSA by April 15. You may still receive grants or loans if you did not file by April 15.

If you are a current HACC student and want to renew your PHEAA Grant, you must complete the FAFSA by May 1.