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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Foundation Scholarships

How do I apply?
Students can find the five easy step to apply by going to

What are the dates to apply?
The specific dates to apply can be found by viewing the scholarship timeline.

Who do I contact with questions about credit and noncredit scholarships?
You can always contact with questions related to credit and noncredit Foundation scholarships.

When will I receive my scholarship money?

  • If you receive a scholarship during the fall cycle, the full amount will post in the spring (usually in February) assuming you maintain the eligibility criteria of the scholarship.
  • If you receive a scholarship during the spring cycle, then you will receive half of the money in the fall (usually in September) assuming you maintain the eligibility criteria of the scholarship. You will receive the other half of the scholarship in the spring (usually in February) assuming you maintain the eligibility criteria of the scholarship.


What is the best way to search for scholarships?

  • Go to or click on the opportunities tab if you are logged in to AcademicWorks already.
  • Click on “Show Filters” button to the far right of the “Search by Keyword” feature.
  • Click on the scope you want.
  • Click on “Filter Opportunities” to view all scholarships that match the scope or category selected.


Do I need to apply for additional scholarships after I complete the general application since it automatically matches me to opportunities?
It is always highly recommended to apply for additional opportunities. AcademicWorks provides recommendations, and you are welcome to search through all opportunities if you choose. Most additional opportunities require essays, letters of recommendation, document uploads, etc.


How are scholarships reviewed?
There is a blind review process in place for scholarship applications to ensure fairness. Each reviewer scores applications blindly based off of scholarship eligibility criteria. Reviewers also take students’ work experience, community service involvement, extracurricular activities, honors, awards and/or scholarships into consideration.


What is needed for the post-acceptance process if I am awarded a scholarship?
Students must accept their scholarship offer and upload the required thank-you letter following the specific directions in the offer email by the deadline indicated in the offer email.


How do I write my thank-you letter?
The steps to write your thank-you letter will always be clearly outlined in your offer email along with a set deadline for uploading it into AcademicWorks. Please note, if there is not thank-you letter by the deadline in the offer email, then you will not receive your scholarship.


What if I have issues uploading my thank-you letter?
If you have issues uploading your thank-you letter, you can always email for assistance before the deadline.


Why did I complete the post-acceptance process (accept scholarship and complete thank-you letter) but it is not showing as accepted on my financial aid tab?
It can take several weeks until the information is reflected on the financial aid tab. If it is not showing after two weeks, please contact


How do I know I successfully submitted my application?
The system will give you a green check mark and indicate your application is “Complete.”Scholarship Apply Image



Who do I contact about private or third-party scholarships?
The contact for private or third-party scholarships is Grace Bahou, and her email address is These questions do not go to


How do I know if I successfully submitted my thank-you letter?
You can always email if you are unsure if it was successfully submitted.


What happens with my thank-you letter?
Your thank-you letter is sent directly to the donor after the scholarship money has been awarded.


When will I find out if I received a scholarship offer?
You can always refer to the timeline to see the deadline in which you should receive an offer email -


Will I be notified if I did not receive any scholarships?
You will only be notified if you are offered a scholarship.