Employer Contracts

Online Payments:

Pay your vendor invoice online by credit card.  Certain vendor invoice information is required to process payment, click "Pay Online" below for required information.  Vendors remitting a partial payment on an invoice are required to notify Central Student Accounts at staccts@hacc.edu or by phone at 717-221-1300, ext. 1267 or 1268.

Pay Online

Mail in Payments:

Mail a copy of the Vendor Invoice with check payment directly to our financial institution:

Harrisburg Area Community College
PO Box 7480
Lancaster, PA  17604

Third Party Agreement and Letter of Intent:

The College allows Third Party's to sponsor individuals (students) and employees tuition, fees, books, supplies, etc, for a specified term or period.  The Third Party Tuition Payment Agreement sets the service and payment terms and conditions of the agreement.
Beginning May 2011, any new Third Party wanting to sponsor tuition, fees, books, supplies, etc. with the College, is required to complete a Third Party Agreement and submit to the College for approval.  The agreement is effective until terminated by the College or Third Party Sponsor.
The Letter of Intent informs the College of the students sponsored per term.  The Letter of Intent can be completed per student or multiple students can be attached to one form per term.
Click on the name of the form below to access.
Questions should be directed to 717-736-4167 or 4168 or staccts@hacc.edu.