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HACC ID, HACC UserID and Password FAQs


What is my HACCid and what is it used for?

Students use their HACCid to access HACC's campus services. You need your HACCid to:

  • access your records
  • use HACC campus services, such as the g\ym, library, testing center, and bookstore
  • register for classes in-person
  • access the HACC library

 What if I do not know my HACCid?

You can view your HACCid on the My Profile page of your application profile account. This is the account you created when you completed your online application.

Your HACCid is also provided in your admissions welcome packet. If you do not know your HACCid, you should contact your campus Welcome Center for assistance.

What is my HACC UserID and password used for?

Students use their HACC UserID and password to access HACC's online services. You need your HACC UserID to:

  • access your records through the myHACC portal
  • register online for classes
  • change your class schedule online
  • pay your bill online
  • access your HAWKMail, your official college email account

Watch a Demo Video of the new myHACC portal.


What is my password?

The first time you log in to the myHACC portal, your password will be Hacc with your birthdate in the six-digit format (MMDDYY). For example, if your birthdate is June 1, 1998, your temporary password will be Hacc060198. The password is case-sensitive. For security reasons, you must create a new password upon logging in the first time. Your new password must be six to fifteen characters and must also include one number.

You will create a security question and answer. This is used if you forget your password.

Note: Your security answer is case sensitive. Remember how you enter your answer.


I forgot my password. Now what?

On the login page, click on the Forgot Password? link. Enter your HACC UserID, click next and follow the prompts to reset your password.  


What if I can't remember the answer to my security question?

Contact the campus Welcome Center at 1-800-ABC-HACC to verify your identity. The Welcome Center can then reset your password.


What is an Advising Code?

The Advising Code is your advisor's digital signature. The Advising Code is not your login password.


Do I have an Advising Code?

Students need an Advising Code if their GPA falls below 2.0. You may also need an Advising Code during your first year of classes or for a particular major. Contact your advisor to determine whether you need an Advising Code.

Students who are assigned an Advising Code will be prompted to enter the code when registering for classes.