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Meet Myrthel: Appreciates the Options at HACC

Date published: Jan. 17, 2023

 York, PA

“If HACC was no longer an option for me, I think that my education goals would stop.” 

Myrthel, a business administration student who takes most of her classes at our York Campus, was advised to come to HACC by her cousin. As a mom of two kids managing family responsibilities, she said, “HACC would give different options that fit my schedule for studying.”

“I was anxious since I did some college back ten years,” Myrthel said. “So many questions came to my mind at my enrollment such as will I will be able to go back to college and study…then I was saying to myself that I can do it.”

After that initial anxiety, Myrthel dove in and began taking her classes online as well as on campus. She said, “With an online class, on-campus, and remote, HACC just makes your courses easier to take depending on what is right for you.”

Myrthel’s college student status inspires her children. She let her oldest son know that she is taking classes online, and now “he often wants to have his online also.”

Myrthel is also pursuing a long-time goal by taking English as a Second Language (ESL) courses at HACC.

“I experienced some challenges such as my mother’s loss, and being a victim of a tragic earthquake in my native country,” she said. “Those challenges make me strong, knowing that life will never be easy, I have to accept things that I cannot change and fight for those I want.”

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