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Meet Betsy: Full-Time Mother Who Found Positivity at HACC

“The ability to work, be a full-time mother and student is easier due to the cost and location.”

Betsy Espinosa was going through a tough time and said she needed a positive outlook. She found positive distractions as a business administration student at HACC’s Lebanon Campus. Betsy said she projected all her emotions into her writing and studies and engulfed herself “into wanting to succeed.”

She thanks one HACC professor for pushing her “beyond what I had thought were my limitations in writing and thinking outside of the box.” Betsy’s views developed immensely, and her hardest semester became her most rewarding semester. She added that the staff and faculty at HACC “are very hands on and really take the time to show interest in the development and wellness of their students.”

If HACC was no longer an option, Betsy said she would have to “transfer into more expensive online options or risk not being able to attend college due to lack of finances.”

After graduating, Betsy plans to obtain her master’s degree in business administration (MBA), as well as her realtor’s license. She wants to help “corporations and businesses prosper in ways that reuse resources, innovation, and benefit society.”

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