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Meet Sean: Mechatronics Student who Landed a Full-Time Job

“It (HACC) has given me a good job and a better understanding of what I like as well as a new skill set.” 

Sean Hosterman, a mechatronics student at HACC’s Gettysburg Campus, credits HACC with helping him to land a full-time job in his field and providing him with hands-on, real-world experiences.

Sean chose HACC because it is close to home and offers a field of study that greatly interests him. On top of that, he receives free tuition because his mother is a full-time HACC employee. He said that HACC is a “great place to save money on your education and use as a stepping stone before going to a big school.”

After graduating, Sean plans to find an electrical maintenance job and possibly continue his education to obtain his bachelor’s degree.

Outstanding faculty are another reason to choose HACC. In his Story Bank submission, Sean gave kudos to instructor Rich Hebel. Sean wrote that Hebel “encouraged me to concentrate and try things in different ways than I normally would so that I learn and take more out of each problem or challenge that I faced.”

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Sean Hosterman, HACC mechatronics alumnus