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Meet Owen: Combating Community College Stigma

Date published: Oct. 13, 2020

Camp Hill, PA

““My friends are coming back to me saying how they should have looked into HACC more…” ”


Making the decision to go to college involves many factors – cost, location, reputation, opportunity and flexibility. On top of all that, friends, family and peers might have strong opinions about what is best.

Owen acknowledged the negative stigma that surrounds community college and said that the misperceptions were there when he was in high school. “It is a great college for people to attend and why it has a poor reputation blows my mind,” he said. A few years beyond high school now, Owen said that some of his friends are coming to him and saying they should have looked into HACC.

Owen said, “The main reason I chose HACC was because of the cost.” He was planning on attending a four-year school, but said that “once I found out how much debt I would be in after four years, I decided HACC was the way to go.”

“Just don’t let people steer you away from HACC, because in the future you may regret not going and by then it will be too late,” Owen said.

Owen obtained his real estate license and would like to build clientele and continue going to school.

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