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Meet Matt: HACC Graduate Who Followed His Own Path

“I'm taking college classes at an affordable price and alongside people just like me.”

For many students, the path to higher education is not easy or straightforward. At HACC, we celebrate and support students like Matt Cellucci, who adapt to the twists and turns of life and continue to pursue their goals.

Matt was attending a four-year institution when personal challenges got in his way. He took a semester off from school, and then decided to get his associate degree in business at HACC before moving on to a bachelor’s degree.

He said one thing people should know about HACC is “That it IS a college.” His assumption that community college is “worse” than a four-year institution turned out to be wrong.

Matt graduated in December 2017, but he plans to return to HACC and take some science and math classes after spending a year in AmeriCorps (returning as a guest student will be a great way for Matt to transfer credits when he is ready for his bachelor’s degree).

One HACC professor in particular stood out in Matt’s experience. He said, “She inspired me to ask a bunch of questions and not take the path everyone else takes.”

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Matt Cellucci