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Meet Michael: Facing Tomorrow with Confidence

 Ephrata, PA

““As a migrant, HACC made me hopeful for my academic future.””

Date published: Aug. 30, 2022

During the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Michael and his family moved to the United States. He started working as a housekeeper and began earning a steady income to support his family. He then got his driver’s license and started a second job at a truck company. Unfortunately, he suffered a serious accident on the job that prevented him from working again until February 2022.

“It was during the time of treatment, recovery, that I enrolled [and] was accepted at HACC,” Michael said. “From the injuries sustained I am recovering from post-concussion symptoms and against the odds I persevered and completed two semesters so far with a GPA of 3.87.”

Michael selected HACC’s Communication Program, which can be completed entirely online. He said, “I was able to study from home using the internet, connect and receive support from all my professors without hassle. HACC opened the door to achieving my dreams of being an outstanding professional in the field of communication.”

Michael’s determination to get his degree will impact his future, but also make a difference for his family. He said, “HACC also provided stability to my family life as we are all now hopeful that this journey will lead myself, my wife, and daughters to a promising future.”

Following graduation, Michael plans to transfer to a nearby four-year school and earn his bachelor’s degree in public relations.

Until graduation, he is savoring the experience. “Every time I opened my HACC account I reflect on the opportunity and the journey so far and wondered how I would have felt if I did not grab the opportunity when it came,” he said. “HACC has enabled [me] to continue to face tomorrow with the confidence that I will continue to overcome.” 

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