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Meet William: Talented HACC Alumnus

“HACC’s biggest value is its flexibility to meet students’ individual needs.” 

William Hicks chose HACC so he could stay close to home. “It was a perfect fit for me at that time in my life,” he said. William graduated from HACC in 2010 with an associate in fine arts in photography and went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in communication. Since then, he has traveled the world and supported himself as a freelance photographer with an impressive, award-winning body of work.

He said, “Deciding to attend college is not always an easy decision for a variety of reasons, and HACC offers a wonderful service to the community by giving students a top-of-the-line education while still being able to take advantage of things like living at home with family and working while in school.” William added, “HACC gives students all the tools necessary to enter the workforce right after graduation or to continue on to a different university.”

William said that one of his biggest challenges has been “overcoming the self-doubt I had about accomplishing goals and achievements.”

“There were many opportunities I would avoid due to fear of being a failure,” he said. “I eventually realized that failure is a part of the learning process and learning from our mistakes makes us stronger. All my success today I owe to taking risks and overcoming my fear of failing.”

You can explore some of William’s stunning work on his website.

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