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Meet Caroline: Achieving Her Goals

 Harrisburg, PA

"Every instructor shared their own personal stories and experiences, along with encouraging us to work harder and be our best.”


When asked if there was a HACC employee who inspired her, HACC alumna Caroline Robinson said, “To pick just one instructor at the police academy that has inspired me would be doing an injustice to everyone who took the time to help instruct us and inspire us each day I attended the academy… Because of their humbleness, I couldn’t possibly name just one single person.”

She chose HACC because of the location, class schedule and the fact that it provided her the opportunity to work and have a short commute while taking classes. Students in HACC’s Municipal Police Academy Program (ACT 120) can enroll full time or part time in the academy.

Caroline added, “Based on my upbringing, I’ve learned that if I want to make it in this world I need to be independent and be able to make a living for myself. Being able to go to a college that not only has a great reputation, but amazing staff helps me achieve my goals and help me further myself.”

Caroline graduated from the academy in 2019 and plans to take classes toward a criminal justice degree.

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