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Meet Jose: Student Aide to Veterans at HACC

“HACC is a wonderful place to build yourself from the ground up in a judgment free zone.” 

Jose Velez brought a wealth of life experiences with him when he became a HACC student and enrolled in the Nursing Program at the College’s York Campus. Jose is a father and a retired Army infantryman who served in Afghanistan and Iraq.

He said he chose nursing as a program of study, because, “I believe it is our moral duty to help those in need. There are too many people suffering in pain and distress. If I can take some of that away and give them a bit of respite it would be my honor.”

While juggling the demands of a rigorous academic program and family life, Jose also worked in HACC’s Military and Veteran Affairs Office as a student aide.

“I have really enjoyed being a student aid. Prospective students come into my office having no clue what to do, and my coworker and I help them on their way to using their benefits and following their goals,” he said.

Jose plans to transfer to Penn State and earn his bachelor’s degree in nursing.  

Read more about Jose’s journey as a student and nurse in this HACC news release.

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Velez Jose Portrait