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Meet TK: Excited about the Future at 40

 Lancaster, PA

“I attended a private liberal arts college before coming to HACC and I have enjoyed my HACC experience much more.”

People choose HACC for many reasons: its affordability, location, class offerings, flexibility and more. TK Ly, a nursing student, chose HACC after researching affordable schools that met the pre-requisites for graduate school. Once TK came to HACC and learned about the curriculum, they decided to shift their focus to nursing to “take advantage of the top-rated area program and faculty to jump-start my medical career.”

HACC has impacted TK’s life by providing resources for support academically and personally. They said, “it [HACC] has given a sense of clarity and confidence with regard to my career and goals,” while teaching them to be bold, but realistic, in their endeavors.

TK said, “I have experienced a lot of loss that got me to where I am today. I chalk it all up to one learning experience, and persevering through it all has made me a stronger student, a stronger father to my two young children...a stronger individual who isn’t afraid. I am excited about the future at age 40. I feel like life has just begun.”

TK plans to graduate from HACC in 2021, then earn a bachelor’s degree in nursing and ultimately a doctorate in nursing anesthesia.

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