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Meet Leslie: Completing an Entire Program from Home

 Elizabethtown, PA

““HACC recognizes the needs of all types of people within the local community and makes learning accessible.”…”

Date published: Jan. 11, 2021

For many college students, having the option to take classes from any location is key. Leslie, a HACC student, said, “[HACC has] many virtual programs and make it so easy to take classes right from your computer at home!” Leslie is working on completing HACC’s Professional Bookkeeping Certificate Program – one of many programs that can be done entirely online.

“I don’t think many other schools in our community offer the convenience that HACC does for learning; therefore, I don’t think I would be able to pursue my goal of becoming a bookkeeper as easily as I can with HACC,” Leslie said.

Leslie chose HACC “because they have such a convenient setup for the everyday person and really cater to the non-traditional student.” Leslie added, “HACC has made possible the opportunity to further my education while working almost full-time.”

Leslie returned to college as a student in their 40s and said they were anxious about going back to school after so many years. That anxiety was relieved when Leslie found that many students were in a similar situation. “It’s never too late to reinvent yourself and strive for more. HACC has given me the opportunity to do just that!”

After finishing HACC’s certificate program, Leslie plans to pursue a position in bookkeeping. In the future, Leslie would like to own a business in bookkeeping.

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Leslie Roth