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Meet Rolando: Mechanical Engineering Technology Student

 Harrisburg, PA

““The people at HACC have made a huge impact in my life, not just my peers but my professors too.””

Date published: Aug. 30, 2022

Imagine becoming part of a community where people share the same passions and interests; where you can learn together, share knowledge and build excitement about your future. This is the environment that Rolando found at HACC.

“The people at HACC have made a huge impact in my life, not just my peers but my professors too. Meeting all the people who have the same interest as I do is a great experience, I have made many great friends, they have inspired me and motivated me to do more,” he said.

Rolando said future students should know about the many opportunities HACC offers. As a mechanical engineering technology student, he said, “I have been exposed to the engineering field through my professors and peers and it has really motivated me to increase my skillset and be more productive and involved in my own personal work. I have been inspired and motivated just by having all these people around who are so passionate in the engineering field.”

Rolando said that if HACC were not an option for him, it could mean paying a lot more for college and paying student loans. HACC’s tuition is less than the average full-time tuition at nearby four-year schools. On top of that, he said, “I would also be sad for my nephews; I would want the HACC opportunity to be available for them.”

Fortunately, Rolando and his nephews do not need to worry about that scenario, because HACC is here for them!

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