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Meet JT: Proud HACC Alumnus and Class Valedictorian

"Regarding the value HACC provides, I always like to say that the price you pay for the quality you get cannot be beaten.”

HACC alumni are some of the proudest cheerleaders for the College. Among our more than 95,000 HACC alumni is JT Fredericks, a 2018 graduate of the Business Administration Program.

JT’s comments about HACC demonstrate his resounding pride in his alma mater. He said:

“Community colleges are essential institutions that appear to be increasing in value as the price of a 4-year degree continues to increase. HACC provides people with the ability to pursue a higher education without burdening them with excessive debt. HACC also provides thousands of people who aren’t yet sure what they want to do in life with a great transition from high school or the workforce into the domain of higher education. The professors at HACC create an environment that encourages learning, exploration, and the pursuit of being an all-around better person.”

As if that were not enough, JT added, “HACC’s professors were outstanding. Every professor I had gave me the impression that they genuinely cared about their students and wanted them to succeed in both their academic and personal lives.”

JT’s advice to individuals thinking about college is to “pick the one criterion that is most important to you and pick the school that best satisfies that criterion.”

In addition to his associate degree, JT earned a bachelor’s degree in agribusiness management from Pennsylvania State University, where he was valedictorian of his graduating class.

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Meet JT: Proud HACC Alumnus and Class Valedictorian