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Meet Rethea: Reaching Her Dream of Becoming a Nurse

Date published: March 25, 2021


  Waynesboro, PA

“HACC has helped me take a stand to better my education.”

Since she was 10, Rethea’s dream has been to become a nurse. She is on her way to achieving that dream as a student in HACC’s highly regarded Nursing Program.

As a student in her 30s with no previous college experience, Rethea described the process of enrolling at HACC as “a bit overwhelming.” However, she conquered these nerves and said, “I just reached out to professors, advisors, and anyone that could alleviate some of my stressors.”

Rethea said that her experience at HACC “has shown my kids that school can be fun and that even moms can always learn things.” She is a mom to three girls and a boy. “Family is everything to me,” she said. “I am strong, independent, and have overcome negativity.”

In addition to reaching her dream of working as a registered nurse, Rethea also plans to continue her education with wound care.

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