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Meet Stephanie: Juggles Two Jobs and School

“Every professor I have had so far has made me feel like their goal is to ensure my success.”

Stephanie Javier, a student at HACC’s York Campus, went on multiple campus tours when making a choice about college. She said that “the HACC tour was the most appealing to me” and added, “It’s convenient to attend classes here because the campus is not far from my work and home. Class schedules are flexible as well.”

The convenience and flexibility that HACC offers is especially critical to Stephanie, who holds down two jobs on top of her college commitments.

Stephanie plans to continue her education after getting an associate degree in business from HACC, and hopes to go right into a career in accounting.

In her Story Bank submission, Stephanie gave special kudos to associate professor Elaine Madden. Stephanie wrote that Professor Madden “is very knowledgeable and always looks for opportunities for her students to advance.”    

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Stephanie Javier, HACC business student