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Meet  Andres: Business Student in Lebanon

“It is the easiest and more affordable way of starting my career in college.”

One of the reasons Andres Perez chose HACC is because it makes him feel comfortable – he can take classes while staying close to home and afford a quality education. He said, “It really is the best school if you want to start somewhere, no matter what age you are.”

HACC is also an entry point for Andres that will allow him to transfer to a state school and earn his bachelor’s degree.

“With everything that I learned here it will make it easier for me to get into another college,” he said.

Andres is in the Business Administration Program, one of the most popular programs of study at HACC. He may go on to become a successful accountant, manager, finance officer or business analyst. The list of job prospects is long!

When asked to reflect on how HACC has made his life better, Andres said, “It helped me see that there is a future for me somewhere after this and that I can succeed in it.”    

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