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Meet Umajah: Motivated Student and Mother

“I get all my energy from my son and the people around me.”

Umajah Ellis, a social sciences major who took classes at HACC’s York Campus, completed the Story Bank in 2014. As a student and a working mom, Umajah’s experience was not unlike that of many parents who come to HACC.

Like other HACC students, Umajah was looking for a college close to home that was affordable and offered her a valuable education. “I found all of that and more at HACC,” she said.

Umajah was particularly interested in a small campus feel. “I love the small class sizes as well as how the professors really care about their students. The college has so much to offer the students, faculty and professors. I receive so much help from everyone and it makes my time at HACC worthwhile. There are always amazing events on campus. I am also a member of several clubs on campus. There is always something to do here! … Attending the College was the best choice I have ever made.”

Even with setbacks, Umajah found inspiration and motivation from her son and the students and faculty at HACC. “I get all my energy from my son and the people around me. Everyone is always so happy and cheerful that it easily rubs off on you. Everyone, including my son, is so motivated.

“My son is my biggest hero. We have been through so much within the last four years. We have been homeless and moving from state to state and through of all that, he has never lost his happiness or spark. He has taught me that life is worth living.”

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Umajah Ellis