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Meet Karitza: Student who Transferred to HACC

“I am able to work and attend school full time, it allows me to broaden connections and truly get to know the campus and resources that many times are overlooked.”

Karitza Hernandez, a student studying nursing at the Lebanon Campus, transferred from a four-year university to HACC in her sophomore year of college. She said that coming to HACC from the four-year school “was the best choice I have ever made.”

She said that HACC gave her the opportunity to live at home while providing a shorter commute to school. Tuition was more affordable and the scheduling was more flexible. “HACC provides flexible hours throughout classes, a student who works during the day has the option of taking night classes and even late-start terms!” she said.

On top of all that, Karitza has also been able to continue her involvement as an athlete.

“Many other campuses do not realize the athletic opportunities that students have…I would definitely recommend students to give it a try! I was able to continue to play volleyball after high school, maybe so can you!” In addition to volleyball, HACC offers intercollegiate basketball, cross country, golf and soccer.

Karitza said, “HACC has incredible faculty that will truly equip you to being a successful student and prepare you to transfer out if a [bachelor of science in nursing] is in your future plans.” After graduation, Karitza will be prepared to do just that and earn her BSN!

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